Zynga Launches Hidden Chronicles–The Awesome Social Mystery And Puzzle Solving Game [Video]

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Last month we covered about the sneak preview of the upcoming Zynga game hidden Chronicles which lets you solve interesting quests via puzzles, uncover thousands of hidden objects and share the mystery with your friends on Facebook. Today Zynga has officially launched the game to public.

Do your friends call you Eagle Eye? Do you love the sense of accomplishment you get from crossing items off a list? Then get ready for a new challenge that involves memory, skill, and a bit of friendly competition: Hidden Chronicles, our latest release and Zynga’s first-ever social hidden object game.  

Available today on Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/hidden-chronicles, the game invites players to explore beautiful scenes, uncover endless combinations of hidden objects, solve puzzles, and unlock mysteries. Hidden Chronicles is the most social hidden object game available today: players can help friends advance in the game, and even challenge each other in scenes by finding as many objects as possible in 60 seconds. As players progress through the game, they’ll complete quests, earn coins, unlock new scenes, and more, all while unraveling the mystery of Ramsey Manor.

The game was created by some of most talented women in casual and social game design, some of whom helped pioneer the hidden object genre for PC download.

A few key features you’ll “find” in Hidden Chronicles include:

  • Mysterious Narrative: You’ll embark on your Hidden Chronicles journey after receiving a letter from your Uncle Geoffrey, summoning you to Ramsey Manor. You arrive only to find that your Uncle died under suspicious circumstances, and left behind a mystery that only you can solve.
  • Social Scavenger Hunt: Visit your friends in-game estate to hide gifts and challenge them to play ‘FastFind’ scenes and find the most hidden objects within 60 seconds.
  • Mini-games, Big Bonuses: Some hidden object scenes include mini-games – from jigsaw puzzles to concentration games. Unlock and solve these puzzles and you will be rewarded handsomely.
  • Estate of Secrets: Enjoy the thrill of the hunt that hidden object games offer, along with the fun and familiarity of Zynga’s signature elements of self-expression and decoration. Explore your Uncle’s estate to unlock new hidden object scenes to reveal more secrets and bonuses.
  • Sophisticated Art Style: Hidden Chronicles introduces a brand new art style for Zynga, with visually stunning scenes and animations, not to mention high-quality sound.

Hidden Chronicles is available today on Facebook in 15 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Thai, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Danish). Play now today at: http://apps.facebook.com/hidden-chronicles.

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