YouView Vs. Internet Viewing

YouView Vs Internet View
As consumers are turning to the Internet and computers as a method of watching their favorite shows, cable TV companies are seeking new ways to compete. The Internet has a wide range of audiences who are watching television shows, but the latest viewing options available now, like DirecTV and satellite provided and YouView system in the UK might be the answer that will tempt consumers back to the television sets.

What Is YouView?

YouView is a new television PVR box system that is designed to connect aerial television with an Internet connection, according to The system will allow consumers to watch high definition shows as well as normal aerial shows that are not in HD. Beyond showing a wide range of shows, the new YouView system provides a catch-up option for viewers who missed shows for any reason.

The connection to the Internet will allow television viewers an opportunity to watch favorite shows without the necessity of a contract subscription. According to, the system is targeting consumers who are not yet using a Smart TV, Gaming Consoles or similar options to connect their television with web interface options.

YouView Appeal

YouView is receiving a wide range of mixed signals that make consumers unsure whether the system is worth buying. Those who are unsure about the system will want to learn about the advantages that make YouView appealing as a potential television solution.

A major focus of the system that is appealing to cable TV users is the lack of a subscription. According to Jonathon Weinburg on, the new system does not require a monthly subscription payment to view more than 100 channels or HD channels. All it needs is an Internet connection and consumers are able to watch any preferred show.

The system is also user-friendly, which is a problem with some Smart TV systems and gaming consoles. Those who have struggled with connecting other devices will find that the YouView is much easier to get set up and connected.

Another factor that Jonathon Weinburg points out as a positive is the catch-up feature. The YouView box will save selected shows for one week and features on-demand television. By saving shows, it is easier to catch-up when a show is missed and the use of a computer is not necessary.

The Concerns

While YouView does have some positives to consider, Matt Warman points out on that the system has a high initial expense and seems to have technology that is already available. Since many Smart TVsystems have similar web interface solutions, it is not necessarily as useful for consumers who already own a Smart TV.

Families and individuals who already have a cable service might find that the high expense is not worth the minor monthly cost when channels are factored into the equation.


YouView is moving into a highly competitive television market and does not seem to offer anything new, but it is likely to spur new innovations in television technology. Marketing for web connectivity via a television set is less common than focusing on other key features of gaming consoles or other devices.

The ability to watch favorite television shows online via a computer or mobile device is likely to maintain consumer loyalty. The modern world is moving toward more mobility, so the web connectivity of YouView is not innovative enough to move consumers away from Internet and computer usage. While the system might spur new innovations in television and Internet connectivity, it will not yet catch up with websites like


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