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YouSendIt, Inc., the leading provider of file transfer and business content collaboration services for professional users from small businesses to the largest enterprises, today announced that its Attach Large Files application is now available within the "Compose Message" window in Yahoo! Mail. Mail users can compose an email and attach files via YouSendIt seamlessly from within the message itself. Yahoo! selected YouSendIt for its easy integration and usability. YouSendIt is the first partner application to be included in Yahoo!’s compose message window.

Since its initial release in the applications gallery of Yahoo! Mail in January 2011, approximately eight million users have registered for YouSendIt from Yahoo! Mail and sent more than 20 million files, making YouSendIt’s Attach Large Files the most popular third-party application in Yahoo! Mail.

"More than 200 million attachments are sent in Yahoo! Mail every day," said David McDowell, senior director of Product Management, Yahoo! Mail. "With the YouSendIt Attach Large Files application now accessible while composing a Yahoo! Mail message, we’re making it even easier for our 300 million users to share rich content and do more in Yahoo! Mail."


Popularity of Email

Despite the buzz surrounding social networks and content portals, email remains the dominant way people collaborate at work and home. According to GigaOM Pro’s January 2012 report "Practical business content collaboration: Personal tools show the way," 92 percent of people use email to collaborate with customers, vendors or business partners. The report adds, "easy-to-use applications and services with roots in email will play an important role in collaboration in the future."

"Today, professionals are exchanging larger files more frequently than ever before," said Ted Chen, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at YouSendIt. "In partnership with Yahoo!, we are able to serve even more small businesses, making it easier to communicate and collaborate within their preferred collaboration vehicle of choice – email."

All files sent through YouSendIt are encrypted and scanned by the system for virus protection. Users can also receive delivery confirmation and verify recipient identity through the application.

YouSendIt’s Attach Large Files app was created using YouSendIt’s scalable APIs and Yahoo! Mail Development Platform. For more information about YouSendIt’s APIs, please visit


We Work Where You Work

YouSendIt allows individual professionals in small businesses, departmental workgroups and large enterprises to easily send large files, access critical content and even close business – all from the tools they use today. Deeply integrated right in the most popular webmail services and email workflows and powered by rich mobile, desktop and Web apps, professionals collaborate quickly, securely and intuitively in the environments where they work. As a cloud-based service, YouSendIt delivers anytime, anywhere access bringing greater ease to professionals work lives. YouSendIt works directly in email environments such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, Hotmail and Thunderbird, mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Kindle Fire and desktop sync apps for PC and Mac.


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