Yahoo’s Plan to Capture the TV, Socially–Launches IntoNow for iPad [ Video]


Yahoo is one of the worlds biggest platforms despite the companies downslide in the Social market, it keeps popping up with brilliant ideas. And the idea of IntoNow is some what quite brilliant.

IntoNow from Yahoo! introduces a true TV companion experience with synchronized news headlines, in-depth sports stats, and tweets from your favorite actors.

Connect with your friends around the shows you love

IntoNow from Yahoo! makes engaging with your friends around your favorite television shows easy and fun. Just tap the green button when you’re watching, and IntoNow will identify the show, right down to the episode. Once identified it’s easy to share with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

Discover what your friends are into

Use IntoNow to discover new shows, discuss your favorites with friends, and learn more about whatever you’re into! IntoNow is a great source of recommendations for what’s on right now for you, based on what your friends are into. Find out what shows you share in common, get notified when you’re watching the same thing, and easily get more information.

More fun and a bit of magic

IntoNow makes sharing easy and fun. Just tap the green button and IntoNow will identify what you’re watching—even if it’s being aired for the first time. That’s where the magic comes in. And the best part is it is available for Android also.


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