Wolfram Alpha Launches A Suite Of Hi Powered Finance Apps

Wolfram|Alpha has released a suite of apps that cover all of your financial needs. The apps are profoundly powerful tools, allowing you to stay informed about your business’s finances and the marketplace at large while in the office or on the go.

Wolfram|Alpha Finance Apps

The Wolfram Stock Trader’s Professional Assistant is ideal for those seeking computational knowledge as it pertains to the stock market. You can query nearly anything related to:

  • Technical Charting
  • Market Quotes
  • Equity Valuation
  • Value at Risk
  • Options
  • Hedging Calculations

The various features are powerful, so let’s explore them a bit. If you a choose a feature like Technical Charting, first you are given a list of six query types—No Indicators (Volume Only), Moving Averages, Band Indicators, Oscillators, Stochastics, and Parabolic Stop & Reversal. Selecting any of these opens up further selections. In Band Indicators, for example, you can choose to include (or not) SMA and EMA. You can chart these indicators for any publicly traded company over any arbitrary period of time, and most have different parameters that can be tweaked (e.g. the length of moving averages.)  We’ll select Technical Charting, followed by Band Indicators, and then Bollinger Bands + SMA.

Wolfram Stock Trader's Professional Assistant

Sticking with the Technical Charting feature, we’ll select Simple Moving Average, and have the app create an illustrative chart depicting a company’s history over the course of several months.

Wolfram Stock Trader's Professional Assistant

If you’re studying or actively participating in the world of finance, then another app that works well in conjunction with the Wolfram Stock Trader’s Professional Assistant is the Wolfram Corporate Finance Professional Assistant. Available on iOS and PC, the Wolfram Corporate Finance Professional Assistant offers  a complete set of financial and mathematical definitions as well as tools to perform powerful computations related to:

  • Time-Value of Money
  • Equity Valuation
  • Fixed Income
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Retirement Budgeting
  • Interest and Tax Rates
  • Cost of Living

The Wolfram Corporate Finance Professional Assistant app allows you to be precise in your computations. In the Value at Risk function, for example, you can select Daily Value at Risk, Mean Annual Return, Annual Volatility, or Cutoff Percentile. Assume you choose Daily Value at Risk—the app will solve for the value at risk using log-normal distribution. You can then select your initial value, mean annual return percentage, annual volatility percentage, and cutoff percentile.

Wolfram Corporate Finance Professional Assistant

Or suppose you want to calculate with the Time-Value of Money feature, done in the form of amortization. For that feature, like nearly all of them, you have multiple choices—you can choose to compute an amortization on Initial Loan Amount, Payment Amount, Payment Breakdown, Interest Rate, and Number of Periods. Suppose you select Initial Loan Amount—there are a number of additional modifiers you can alter as you see fit.

Wolfram Corporate Finance Professional Assistant

If you’re only interested in some of the Wolfram Stock Trader’s Professional Assistant and Wolfram Corporate Finance Professional Assistant apps’ functionality, we’ve also released apps that focus on just one or two of the Wolfram Corporate Finance Assistant’s features. They are:

Regardless of what area of finance you’re focusing on, you’ll find a Wolfram|Alpha-powered iOS or PC app that meets your needs.

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