Why Your Elevator Pitch Should Be As Simple As An Explainer Video

One of the fundamentals of owning a business is having a clear vision for that business. The elevator pitch is that vision edited down to its essential elements and stated in the most concise way. While not necessarily delivered in an elevator it’s theoretically meant to be delivered in the span of a sort elevator ride. That is essentially what an explainer video is. A short and to the point summary of your business. The rules for an elevator pitch and an explainer video are about the same. So here’s the list.

Essential ingredients for a successful explainer video and elevator pitch:

  1. Be concise and to the point
  2. Solve a Problem.
  3. State your Value Proposition
  4. State a benefit to the audience
  5. Request an Action

Be Concise
People are busy. They have their own daily concerns. Don’t bore them with long drawn out stories, complex analogies, or rambling thoughts. If you have a clear business plan you should be able to state it in a minute or so. If you can’t then practice until you can. When writing scripts for our animated explainer videos we often find that the customer has a difficult time stating their message clearly and succinctly. This is what we help them with. Look at each of the items on the list and see if you can explain each one as they relate to your business, in one sentence.

Solve a Problem
Everyone has some problem or business challenge for which they would welcome an effective solution. Identify the problem your product or service can solve.

Value Proposition
State clearly what your product or service will do to solve that problem. Here’s where you want to set yourself apart by offering a unique solution they can only get by doing business with you or your company.

A Benefit; What’s in it for them.
This part of the pitch might change depending on who your audience is. For our explainer videos we have to make that determination when writing the script. For in-person pitches you can shift that depending on if you’re talking to a potential customer, investor, or an advocate who might pass your name on to the right people. Have these distinctions clearly worked out and think about who this person is when you begin your pitch.

Request An Action
In advertising we call this a “call to action”. For explainer videos it’s stated at the end. We ask the viewer to download the app, visit our website, request a free demo, etc. For the elevator pitch here again this can change depending on whom you’re talking to. Be ready to end with this statement. Ask for a meeting, an introduction, or ask them to try the product. Whatever it is be ready and don’t be afraid to ask.

If you run a business you hopefully have clear answers to these questions. If you don’t, go back and work out the kinks in your business model. If you do, make sure you can state them clearly, concisely, and in a way that is relevant to the person you’re speaking to.

The Animated Explainer Video is your online Elevator Pitch. It’s there on your website, your youtube page,  facebook page, LinkedIn profile page, and anywhere else you can place it. It’s working for you 24/7 and available to the entire world, not just the chance person you meet in an elevator or other business setting. If your website doesn’t clearly state this in a way the visitor will grasp in the first few seconds, you probably need an explainer video.

Samir Saleem

An innovative and dynamic marketing expert having worked for both local and multinational organisations,having expertise in leading diverse assignments on devising digital/social media marketing strategies, promotions, public relations and business development. As an experienced social media strategist and business analyst, he manages several brands via his 2nd Startup Hybrid Signals (www.hybridsignals.com) Samir is an award winning technology and social media blogger and can be reached at samzbest@gmail.com

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