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Videos and music go great together. Traditionally, this has required gathering an entire kazoo orchestra around your computer, but Vimeo just launched two new humdinger Music Store features that make it easier than ever to juxtapose audio with your visuals. The big new feature is the Enhancer, a cool dropdown tool that enables you to add music to your videos right inside Music Store — no editing software required! Use the Enhancer to select a video, pick a track from Music Store, and put them together in like three seconds flat. You can even adjust the music and video volume levels like a DJ working the crossfader at the club. The Enhancer is quite powerful, but also incredibly easy to use: If you know how to drag and drop, you can rock the Enhancer.

To accomplish said rocking, visit the Music Store and hit the "Enhance Videos" tab in the upper right corner, or click right here. Right now the Enhancer is just for music, but we’ll be adding more magical powers to it in the very near future.


The other delightful development is that the Music Store catalog now contains almost 4,000 tracks from our new music partner SmartSound, which you can customize to perfectly match your video and creative vision. You can customize each track’s length, change the mood by adjusting the instrumentation, or select different variations of each track. (And yes, you do it all inside the Enhancer.)

SmartSound tracks are designated by the cute little gear icon in Music Store. They cost $1.99 each with a personal license, or $19.99 each with a commercial license, which either way is a lot cheaper than hiring a fleet of kazooists. Leave us your comments…

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