Twitter Launches Interest Based Targeting Advertising Tool

Twitter is one of the biggest social networks of the world and truly its is becoming more focused and efficient in its processes not to mention focusing on revenue streams pretty lately. Today Twitters advertising products use it’s real-time interest graph to deliver relevant Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to our over 140 million monthly active users. Marketers have been able to extend reach and amplify messages by targeting users who share interests with your current followers. For example, Bonobos held a 24-hour sale exclusively on Twitter, and got word out by promoting Tweets to followers and users similar to their followers. This powerful targeting signal has resulted in a 1-3% average engagement rate for Promoted Tweets campaigns.

Today Twitter is making available to marketers, the ability to target their Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts campaigns to a set of interests that you explicitly choose. By targeting people’s topical interests, you will be able to connect with a greater number of users and deliver tailored messages to people who are more likely to engage with your Tweets. When people discover offers and messages about the things they care about on Twitter, it’s good for both marketers and users.

How interest targeting works

There are two flavors of interest targeting. For broader reach, you can target more than 350 interest categories, ranging from Education to Home and Garden to Investing to Soccer, as shown in the screenshot below. As an example, if you were promoting a new animated film about dogs, you could select Animation (under Movies and Television), Cartoons (under Hobbies and Interests), and Dogs (under Pets). 

interest targeting on twitter

The two-level interest hierarchy is composed of more than 350 categories.

If you want to target more precise sets of users, you can create custom segments by specifying certain @​usernames that are relevant to the product, event or initiative you are looking to promote. Custom segments let you reach users with similar interests to that @​username’s followers; they do not let you specifically target the followers of that @​username. If you’re promoting your indie band’s next tour, you can create a custom audience by adding @​usernames of related bands, thus targeting users with the same taste in music. This new feature will help you reach beyond your followers and users with similar interests, and target the most relevant audience for your campaign.

Twitter is also lowering the minimum bid to one cent for all their auctions and we believe that advertisers will drive greater ROI for every campaign on Twitter.

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