How Companies Can Save Time And Money Using SugarCRM 6.5 [Review]

The CRM market is growing very fast and the primal reason is of the multitude of data that companies are producing these days. With marketing departments working with sales and other departments, small businesses and even large corporations look for ways to manage customer and relationship fidelities. The world being cloud centric these days, clients look for online CRM solutions to optimize and manage productivity on the go. And that’s where my favorite CRM, Sugar comes in.

Having version 6.1 of SugarCRM  installed in 2011 and 2012, we used to manage our client contact data which was over 4000 emails using SugarCRM, moreover we even used SugarCRM to create effective email campaigns, which by the way was and still is our most utilized component within the solution.

The email campaign process was an integrated part of Sugar which was pretty powerful and wasn’t even available with some of the other online CRM solutions in the market, which by focus gave us an ALL-In One solution for our customer management and sales needs.

Another aspect which we loved about Sugar was its ability to track leads in and out from the email campaign with effective analytics of who opened your email and who didn’t. Moving forward the company has come out with a absolute stunning new version 6.5 of their online CRM.

Lets see what’s new:

1) Faster and Sleek

Sugar 6.5 is really fast and sleek. Being a software engineer myself I think AJAX has been brought in and cross browser compatibility has been kept in mind. This enables companies to save time and more faster and better performance makes us as a company happy.

2) Preemptive Search

The best thing I had noticed was the awesome instant search that listed my frequent search and contact items before even I could have typed the complete term and voila the term came up. Again the magic of AJAX pops in.

3) Awesome Crisp Interface

One of the pain points the old version was it’s broken up navigation bar which has been now integrated into one single core navigation bar helping us save time and be more productive.

4) Built in Appointment and Calendar Feature

Previously we used to use Google Docs and Outoook to setup and mange our calendars. But with the new drag and drop features within version 6.5, we create meetings and calls easily and more intuitively.

SugarCRM being built upon open source principles makes it one of the fastest growing and selling solutions in the market and moreover is available as a free, open-source Community Edition, or as the for-pay Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Professional.  And off course the price of Sugars online CRM solution beats their competitors fair and square, which gives SMB’s more bang for their buck.

Arguably, the whole point of a CRM system is to keep users inside the application as much as possible, and Sugar does that perfectly. We would highly recommend our users who are looking for an effective online CRM solution to check out Sugar CRM today.

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