StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Gets A UI Facelift

    Taking the next step in helping you connect with your target customers, StumbleUpon revealed an upgraded advertiser experience for it’s Paid Discovery beta. Functionally, the new PD maintains all the features you know and love, but its design has been updated to improve how you navigate your account and view your account activity. The changes are not intended to have any impact on your current campaigns or account information.

    Sincethe company launched PD over a year ago, we’ve surpassed 25 million StumbleUpon members, connected 75,000+ advertisers with a native advertising solution, and they claim to have served over 1 billion organic stumbles!

    This new look is designed to enhance the way you interact with your Paid Discovery accounts on StumbleUpon.

    Here’s a breakdown of what has improved:

    In your Account Dashboard, you will find the following changes:

    • The links to the “Plans”, “Help” and “Blog” are on the top left corner.

    • The “Dashboard”, “Manage” and “Reports” tab is on the left hand rail, and now also includes a link to “Funds”.

    • The “Account Overview” box has been removed – information regarding Current Campaigns (i.e. Active (Paused), Total Daily Budget), Campaign Overrides (i.e. Daily Max Spend) and Funds remaining have been added on the left hand rail.

        Account and Campaign Dashboards

        • Your campaign data has been consolidated into one graph.

        • The number of “Paid Stumbles”, “Organic Stumbles”, “Score” and “Effective CPV” is listed on the top of the graph.

            URL Dashboard

            • The number of Active campaigns has transitioned to the left navigation.

            • In addition to filtering out campaigns that are archived, you now additionally have the option to view your “Paused” campaigns in addition to the “Archived” campaigns.

              Want to give it a test drive?

              Follow these steps to switch over to the latest version of PD:

              1. Sign into your Paid Discovery account at

              2. There will be a notification at the top of your Account Dashboard prompting you to make the switch. Have no fear, you will be able to switch back at any time.

              Give it a spin and please provide your thoughts.

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