Socialcast Is Now A FREE Enterprise Social Network From VMWare

Today VMWare announced all the capabilities of the Socialcast enterprise version will be free for communities of up to 50 users. With complete access to all the features that make social in the enterprise revolutionary, small businesses and departments of larger companies can get started with an enterprise social network with the confidence that they have access to the full social experience and that as they grow their network is ready to support even the largest enterprise wide deployments.


Limited networks don’t deliver on the capabilities of enterprise social beyond just collaboration and communication among employees. There’s a much deeper set of use cases and we’re eager to spur enterprise social along.


Also, time and time again we’ve heard from IT departments that have to pull the plug on a freemium enterprise social network because the they need access to essential administration and security functionality. Nobody wins when this happens. There’s a way to blend the necessities of protecting company IP with a great user experience, but that doesn’t start by circumventing the IT policies that keep company data and employees safe.


Enterprise social networks are on their way to becoming an essential part of the workplace experience – according to Forrester 49% of companies will have investments in social networking solutions in 2012. Many people discover enterprise social through a limited, free version that starts with a small group of employees looking for a better way to work. Quickly, we see the way social changed person interactions changes the way they work – bringing teams closer together, working faster and aligning a company by breaking down silos of information created by departments and geography.


Freemium has been a great sharing model that’s helped people discover how transformative social can be for the enterprise. With fully free communities, VMWare can give a great user experience and help companies realize the full potential of enterprise social at their company. Starting with a free Socialcast community allows access to the rich set of features to create a complete enterprise social network that will unite the people, applications and information in your company.


New FREE full-featured Socialcast community

Create a private and secure enterprise social network with Socialcast by VMware Get more effective employee collaboration, streamlined workflows, and higher productivity with a full-featured enterprise social networking platform by Socialcast. Sign-up today to:

  • Increase productivity by keeping people connected to the information, applications and knowledge experts they need to get work done

    • Securely share ideas, discuss projects, collaborate on documents and get questions answered fast

    • Embed social into business applications like SharePoint and Salesforce to create a unified communication layer across your organization

    • Keep employees connected to important people and projects anytime, anywhere with mobile devices

    • Cloud-based: no hardware to purchase or maintain

      Bypass short-duration, bare-bone trials and teasers. Instead, gain the rich collaborative full-featured power of Socialcast at no cost, with no time limit.

      If you’ve heard about enterprise social but haven’t signed up yet, now is the time to get started. Any organization can sign up for a free Socialcast community at


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