Skype For Mac Now Has A Better Contact List, Optimized Mobile And Group Screen Sharing Experience

Skype just announced the launch of Skype 5.8 for Mac. With this update the usability of the Skype for Mac client has been optimized, while also delivering a bunch of new features. You can download the new Skype for Mac now. So lets see what’s new.


Move it around. The slim contact list is back that so many of you have been requesting. Now you can reposition and resize your contact list however you like. This will simplify your experience.

Mac 5.8.jpg

Mobile love. Skype video calls are now better. When you’re talking with someone who is using Skype for iPhone, Skype for iPad or Skype for Android and that person rotates their mobile device from portrait to landscape (or the other way around), Skype for Mac will now detect this and automatically re-orient the video call. If you’ve held or plan to hold a video call with someone who is using Skype for Windows Phone, the same auto-rotation feature is already supported.


Share with Multiple People. Skype is also improving Screen Sharing, which lets you share your desktop over a call or show friends and family your photos. For our Skype Premium subscribers ($9.99/month or just $4.99/month if you pay for an entire year), the latest Mac release will simultaneously display your live video alongside your photos, so your friends can also see you and you can see their reactions. This works as a Premium feature with both one-to-one Screen Sharing, as well as Group Screen Sharing (for use on video calls with up to 10 people). Of course, if you simply want to share your screen with someone else for free over an audio call, that’s still free.


Ready to Roar. Skype 5.8 for Mac is also built to work with Apple’s forthcoming desktop operating system, OS X Mountain Lion, in addition to being compatible with past versions of OS X going all the way back to Leopard.


More to come. Another feature many of you having been asking for – the ability to open chats in separate windows and keep track of what’s going on with multiple contacts at once – will be coming to Skype for Mac real soon. Stay tuned for additional updates.


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