SketchFab Launches New Version With More Controls

    Sketchfab which helps users make 3D based interactive content online has come out with a brand new release. You will discover a whole new design, as well as great new features!

    New design

    The navigation bar has been completely redesigned and simplified.

    And there is a new background with grid theme, same as the new background of this blog. We find it more neutral and more appropriated to showcase 3D creations.

    New embed

    Controls have been redesigned, and you can now share a model directly from the embed. Navigation explanations are way clearer now. The company has also added a little information icon: put your mouse over it, and you’ll see a thumbnail, the title and author of the model, and a link to view it on Sketchab. And finally you can now disable the 3D view from the embed, in case many models are displayed on the same page and you don’t want to overload it.

    PRO version


    Many people have been asking for it: you can now upgrade to Sketchfab PRO. You will get:

    • Up to 100 models of storage space

    • Private sharing > your models aren’t publicly listed on Sketchfab

    • Password protection > you can setup a password for each model

    • Up to 200 MB file size

    • Unbranded viewer > the Sketchfab logo doesn’t appear and you can hide all controls

    • PRO badge

    The first 100 PRO subscribers will get up to 200 models instead of 100 *


      You can now add your twitter and facebook accounts on your dashboard. And don’t forget to fill in your bio if you haven’t done it yet! And you don’t have to click on “show more” when you scroll down a page, it loads automatically. You will discover little improvements here and there, and we will keep adding some regularly.

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