ShowYou Makes Your Apple TV Rock : Like A Magic Remote Controller You Never Had

The new version of Showyou released today includes a bunch of wonderful treats for those of you using Showyou on the iPad, including retina-display support and the inclusion of ”Send to Friend” and “Thanks” (new social features we added to the iPhone and iPod Touch version of Showyou last month that are now added to the iPad).


But the thing we’re probably most excited about is a subtle, and simple, change the company has come out with is enabling you to multi-task when you beam a video to your Apple TV via Airplay with Showyou. What’s that mean? That you can Tweet and Instagram and check your email while you play a video from Showyou on your TV.

And the newest version of Showyou on the iPhone and iPod Touch makes it a great Airplay client, too. With Showyou on your iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch), tens of millions of great, hand-picked videos are a tap or two away, ready to be beamed to your TV. A video shared by a friend on Facebook, or someone you follow on Showyou. Or a video from a channel like The Daily Show or Funny or Die or The Verge or TED. Or one of the 60+ million videos in our search index.

The simple addition of multi-tasking makes using Showyou with your Apple TV a pure delight. Just tap a video to play it, beam it to your TV with another tap, and multi-task the night away. Check your email, check the weather, or play Fruit Ninja while you watch.

It might just be the best remote control you ever had. Leave us your comments…

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