Sega Begins Sales OF Urine-Powered ‘Toylet’ Videogame

Toylet, a urinal-mounted gaming device created by Sega, is now on the market for the general publicaccording to the official Toylet twitter feed.

The equipment starts at 140,000 yen ($1,748) with games costing 10,000 yen ($125) apiece, according to Engadget Japan. An optional box that accepts 10-yen coins as payment is also available for 25,000 yen ($312).

Players interact with Toylet by urinating on a sensor placed inside the urinal that measures volume and pressure. That input controls the videogame, shown on a screen mounted at eye level. The games include filling coffee cans, squirting milk out of a tough guy’s nose and blowing wind up a girl’s skirt. Each game lasts less than a minute and can be followed by a advertisement placed by the operator.


Toylets are designed to operate only in urinals and will not work in a traditional sit-down toilet. Also, the listed fees only include the cost of the machine itself — you’ve got to buy your own porcelain.

The unorthodox game device turned heads last winter when Sega tested the machines in select Tokyo locations. Since then, it has placed them in establishments across the country.

According to the official Toylet website, the games’ positive testimonials have a variety of benefits for business owners: Customers make less of a mess at the urinals, Toylet-advertised products sell twice as much, and overall sales rise because customers stay longer.

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