Scanbox Turns Your iPhone Into An Ultimate Portable Scanner [Video]

Scanbox is an easy to use, affordable and unbelievably portable scanning box that uses your smartphone’s camera to take amazing high quality scans. It’s easy to set up and packs down flat to easily fit into your bag or brief case.



Scanbox was born from the idea that we need to use document scanners every so often, but traditional desktop scanners are far too big, expensive and cumbersome for their occasional usefulness. They take up desk space, require you to install drivers/updates and need a power source to operate. Scanbox on the other hand can be set up and packed down in seconds.



Why do I want it?

Well, if you find yourself often needing to scan a photo or document but don’t want to take up valuable bench space with a clunky old scanner or use crappy old fashioned software to do a simple document scan and email out then Scanbox is for you.

Scanbox has been designed to optimize nearly all lighting conditions so your scans always look great.

Scanbox also has many other uses:

  • Digitize your receipts

  • Live projector for presentations

  • Optimized for face recognition when you scan photos

  • Scans 3D objects (great for eBay product shots)

  • Scan a page from a book (remember those!)

  • Turns your phone into a photocopier

        Scanbox is also unbelievable portable. It packs down flat to fit in your bag and is practically indestructible. When you want to use it simply unfold and let the high powered mini magnets to hold it together for you.



        What do I get?


        Scanbox comes flat packed for your convenience and is ready to be assembled straight away. Each Scanbox is printed, creased, cut to size and flat packed. All magnets, stickers and instructions are included.

        With Scanbox Plus also includes a set of LED lights to even out any shadows that may appear depending on the natural light direction (BYO 9V battery).

        Both Scanbox’s also come with a variety of color accents so just for fun you can change the color of the top of your Scanbox. [Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Black, Orange]




        You can follow the project on Kickstarter. we love the ide, do you?

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