Saving Your Photos When Deleting Your Instagram Account : All The Tools You Need



Facebook just made the biggest acquisition in the company’s history buying popular photo haring app, Instagram, and naturally many users are not happy about it at all. Infact users are threatening to delete their accounts from the photo sharing app. They’re tweeting that they’ll delete their Instagram accounts because of the acquisition and due to the fear that Facebook will add advertisements in the photo app.


  • If you are planning to quit, then you can backups your data easily through the below mentioned tools.

  • Instaport: In two steps, this service downloads your entire library onto a single zip file.

  • Copygram: The primary function of Copygram is to provide a web interface for Instagram. It also allows you to download your library and pictures from other users’ feeds.

  • Instagrid: This web interface for Instagram doesn’t let you download your library. It does, however, provide access to your favorite users’ photo streams without requiring you to have the Instagram app. You can subscribe to emailed updates from specific feeds (provided they use the service) or a weekly digest of both popular and “undiscovered” Instagram users.

  • InstaDesk: While InstaDesk is certainly more fun to use with an Instagram account, it’s also a good tool for saving your favorite photos before shutting one down. Even if you’ve ignored its sync feature up until this point, the $4.99 Mac client makes it easy to download Instagram photos.

  • SocialFolders: This service touts itself as a “Dropbox for Social Media.” In addition to your Instagram account, it will back up your Twitter, SmugMug, Facebook, Flickr, Picassa, Google Docs and YouTube profiles — so next time you want to delete an account, you’ll be prepared.


So are you happy about Facebook’s acquisition of instagram or are you about to quit ? Leave us your comments…

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