Resident Evil 6 Comes To XBox 360, PC and PS3 – First Trailer Released By Capcom [Viral Video]

Capcom, the company behind one of the biggest video game titles announced that Resident Evil 6 for the Xbox 360, Sony PS3, and the PC will be coming out at the end of this year in November.



"Resident Evil" is a series of survival horror games in which players attempt to escape from zombies by using a variety of weapons and other items.

Capcom aims to position "Resident Evil 6" as the company’s leading title in order to continue building on past success in the global video game market. To accomplish this goal, the creation of this game is proceeding in the world’s most advanced game development environment. The objective is to create the world’s best content yet in the horror entertainment sector.



To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the "Resident Evil" series, Capcom will hold the "Resident Evil Premium Party" on January 20, 2012. Events at this party will include a "Resident Evil 6" announcement, a presentation marking the completion of "Resident Evil Revelations", the opportunity to enjoy this game, and other activities. Overall, there will be numerous events to set the stage for the upcoming launch of the newest member of the "Resident Evil" series.


Developing titles across multi- platforms is a core strategy for Capcom resulting in a strengthening of the "Resident Evil" franchise, as well as other popular brands. Capcom will continue to meet players’ expectations through the commitment of its highly skilled development teams, and by taking advantage of the most suitable hardware platforms to deliver the best gaming experiences possible.


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