PostRocket Launches New Features To Boost Engagement Of Your Facebook Page

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Team PostRocket, yes the same service which makes your posting engagement go crazy viral on Facebook, has yet announced a new set of features fro Facebook. These features are highly effective in making content go viral and get maximum engagement out of Facebook pages. So lets check out some

Content Suggestions

Wouldn’t it be great to spend absolutely no time and have awesome content just come to you? With the new Content Suggestions, PostRocket find awesome new articles every day from the social web that are trending, relevant and interesting which your fans are sure to love. (PostRocket is starting with articles for now, but there will be many other types of recommendations soon!)

One Click Link to Photo

Ever post a link using it as a caption to a photo from the article? One of the simplest tricks to get more clicks and engagement on your link type posts is to use photos when posting links. Now with the new QuickSwitch tool, it just takes one click to turn a link post into a photo.  

Photo Designer

Make beautifully eye catching photos with the new photo designer. You can add one of many photo filters (like Instagram!) as well as text on top of your photo to make your photos – and really, your entire page – stand out from the rest! It works great with the new QuickSwitch too.

Reorder Queue & Custom Time

You can now reorder your posts in queue in any way you like and even pick the specific time when you want the post to go out.

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