PitchEngine Gives A Sneak Preview Of Their Automated PR Mobile App

PitchEngine isn’t just a website or a piece of software, it’s a new way of doing business. It’s the first publishing platform built for a new kind of storyteller – you. You can now create better content to share via social networks, search engines and mobile devices.

Before PitchEngine, a digital flyer was a pdf document and a press release was only meant for journalists. Founded in 2009 by Jason Kintzler, a former anchorman turned PR pro, PitchEngine was first created as an alternative to the traditional press release and push distribution process. Instead of sending documents via email or news wires, for the first time, PR pros could easily package-up their own branded content into a single web page called a “social media release.” Over time, we opted to call it a “pitch” which helped users move past the press release template mentality. In a way, the pitch™ has become our “tweet” or “wall post.”

PitchEngine has been called, “one of the PR industry’s most transformative innovations” and is credited with “heralding in a new era of public relations.” The company has appeared in several popular books including; Engage, Twitterville, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, SocialCorp and Social Media Marketing for Dummies.

Today the company has sent out little teasers to show how PR is done through mobile and here is the video to it. Looks amazing how journalists can manage PR through mobile.

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Samir Saleem

An innovative and dynamic marketing expert having worked for both local and multinational organisations,having expertise in leading diverse assignments on devising digital/social media marketing strategies, promotions, public relations and business development. As an experienced social media strategist and business analyst, he manages several brands via his 2nd Startup Hybrid Signals (www.hybridsignals.com) Samir is an award winning technology and social media blogger and can be reached at samzbest@gmail.com

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