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The newest social network buzz online is Pinterest, a visual social media platform that relies on pictures to tell a thousand words. Consumers have flocked to Pinterest for personal interests, and marketers were quick to follow. Yet many marketers haven’t yet figured out how to optimize their Pinterest presence to improve their search engine rankings.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your SEO through using Pinterest right.

Point people back to your site.

With the credibility of Pinterest, it’s easy to rank your Pinterest pages highly, so where are you going to send people? Back to your site, of course! Make sure that each Pinterest pin points to a relevant page that interests people who have just seen this image. Don’t send them all back to the homepage – create targeted landing pages and optimize the pin for the keywords for which you’d like to see the landing page ranked.

Use common-sense keywords.
While your site might use obscure combinations of keywords, don’t be too obscure when it comes to Pinterest. People are often searching for vague categories like “weight loss” or “vegan” instead of “best way to lose 10 pounds in a weekend” or “easy vegan slow-cooker recipes” as they might on Google. Experiment with different keywords to see what gets attention and what gets people to actually click through to your site.

Add easy Pinterest sharing.

On your website pages, you probably already have buttons for people to easily share on Facebook and Twitter or other social networks. Make sure you have a button that makes it easy for people to pin it on their Pinterest boards. People who are visiting your site can boost your social media presence for you, and you can link your Pinterest account to other social media accounts so your pins appear on your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, and so on.

Take advantage of dofollow links.
Right now, Pinterest links are “dofollow” and are counted by search engines as a valuable piece of input when they decide how to rank your pages. Make sure that as many people as possible repin your images and you’ll get lots of easy backlinks that are worth a lot to a search engine.

Optimize for Pinterest users.

When people look for content on Pinterest, they aren’t looking for a specific query (like a chiropractor in a specific town). If they want to be inspired and interested by new, innovative things, they’ll search on Pinterest instead of Google and other heavyweight search engines. There is buying power on Pinterest, with 21 percent of users polled reporting that they bought something they found on Pinterest. This means you should focus on providing valuable, unique, and meaningful content for readers, not just for search engines.

As always, the best way to ensure a SEO boost is to make sure you’re being reader-friendly as you explore Pinterest. Make sure you’re taking advantage of this social media platform the right way, and engage with your audience while providing valuable content just as you would on other social networks. The SEO boost will follow!

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