PhoneDeck Announces A Brand New Android App

For a couple of weeks after PhoneDeck’s launch in April it has been quite silent around Phonedeck. During the last weeks team PhoneDeck has actually spend day & night to silently work on a brand new version of their hit Android product.

The key feature of this upcoming release is The experience on the mobile phone.

Up until today, the Phonedeck mobile application mainly acts as a connector to their web service.

Today, they are announcing a brand new version of the mobile app which brings the Phonedeck experience directly to your phone.

So what will the new experience be like? The main screen in this new mobile application is a new contact dashboard. On this dashboard Phonedeck assembles all the contacts which are relevant to you right now. The contact recommendations are based on the unique Phonedeck algorithm which takes factors such as location, time, call history and special events like birthdays into account. For every contact you get the unique phone history and insight that you already know from the web on the mobile as well.

Additionally, they are announcing a new feature which is dubbed “Connected Contacts”. The new Phonedeck app enables you to become the owner of your own contact– not just on your phone but on all your friends’ phones as well. Every time you update your Phonedeck profile (such as adding a new phone number) this update gets directly pushed into your friends’ phone books with one click. Ofcourse, you also receive your friends’ contact details in your phone book – so your contacts will always stay up to date automatically.

The release for Android is scheduled for end of August so do not forget to come back and check out the new version soon.

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