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VIDEO: Record companies missed out on tech

Black Eyed Peas frontman tells The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama how the music industry’s negative reaction to Napster led to the new wearable device he’s showing off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las...

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VIDEO: 3D printing you can eat and wear

Dozens of 3D printing vendors have set up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This year, the offerings range from cupcakes to clothes. The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama reports.

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VIDEO: Connected Baby

Does your baby need a smart pacifier or connected bottle? Becky Worley considers why the parent just might.

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VIDEO: Wearable Tech at CES 2015

Wearable Tech companies are showing off their latest gear at the The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The trends range from headbands that help people relax to devices that monitor your blood glucose...