Norton Launches FREE Top Search Campaign To Help You Come On Top Of Search Results

    Top Search Result - Protect your online reputation

    Did you know that 80% of all employers and 50% of all singles Google the person they are going to meet, before they meet them in real life? That means people are getting their first impression of each other based on what they find on the Internet.

    Still, you can’t control what information they find. The consequence, according to a recent study*, is that one out of ten Swedes and every third young Swede (15-22 years) are embarrassed about information that can be found about them online. Another study** shows that every second person would erase everything about them on Internet if given the opportunity, and that every third person has shared something online that they do not want their future employer to see.

    Norton today has launched a new FREE service called Norton Top Search Result is a service from Norton that helps you protect your online reputation by giving you control of your top search result on Google.

    They do this by buying the rights to your name as a Google adword and giving it to you for free. Next time someone Googles your name, you decide what your first impression will be.


    More ways to protect your online reputation

    • Use Google Alerts to see when someone has uploaded content related to your name.

    • Create a profile on the major social networks like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. They weigh heavy at Google so they will push down other results.

    • Start and maintain a blog that you keep updated with content you want to associate with yourself.

    • Buy a domain name with your name in it (

    • Connect and link your different social network accounts with each other. For example have a link to your blog on your Facebook profile.

    • If someone has written something about you or in your name, that you do not want to show up in searches. Try to just ask the person to remove that post or just erase your name from it.

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