Mingly Helps You Manage Your Social Life Easily In one Place [Video]


You meet someone interesting at an event. You’re excited to stay in touch because you’d like to work together someday, you have a mutual contact, or the person inspires you. You exchange business cards, intending to follow up soon. A few weeks go by – you’re busy and haven’t found a reason to get in touch just yet. Before you know it, weeks turn into months. Reaching out now feels like cold calling. The window of opportunity to connect seems to have passed.


We all know it’s easier to reach our personal and professional goals with others — no one gets there alone. Best-selling authors Keith Ferrazzi, Dale Carnegie and others have written about the importance of building and maintaining relationships. Research shows that most opportunities come from the “weak tie” relationships in our network. Without regular upkeep of these relationships, connections easily slip away.


Social + Email


Mingly solves this increasingly familiar problem. By bringing your contacts and important updates to one place, Mingly helps you get and stay connected.


How Mingly Works


Mingly makes it easy to sort through the noise of social networks and connect with the people you care about. Living right in your Gmail, Mingly:

  • Aggregates your contacts from Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter into a searchable merged address book

  • Pulls key updates from your networks, like birthdays and job changes, into a single feed

  • Makes it easy to send social-network messages without leaving your inbox

  • Helps you keep track of conversations with contacts across your different networks.

So what are you waiting for try Mingly’s browser extension which is currently available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, today.

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