Microsoft Surface Tablet Gets A Competitor : Sony VAIO Duo 11 Windows 8 Tablet [Images]

Say hello to our future little friend. With all the Windows 8 fever that’s about to begin, we just came upon some details on a future Sony VAIO convertible tablet that’ll definitely win some hearts for its beauty. The device is dubbed the Sony VAIO Duo 11, and I guess the 11 stands for the screen size, and the duo stands for the fact that it’s a convertible tablet that’ll allow you to have more than just a tablet.

Sadly the details from our source are scarce when it comes to the full specs of the device or when it’ll be released. Judging by the images though, the device seems to run more than just Windows RT due to the Microsoft Office interface that we see in one of the photos. It’ll have a unique design that allows it to convert into a slate tablet and then into a keyboard laptop when needed. It’ll have a stylus interface that’ll allow for handwriting over the tablet just as well as you’ll be able to handle the Windows 8 UI with your finger.

Judging from some additional images, we have noticed that the keyboard is backlit, so this device is definitely geared at a more professional level. The design does resemble Microsoft’s surface retractable stand, but the keyboard is not an optional accessory you can just detach, which may be good for some and not for others.  I personally find an attached keyboard to be more convenient as trying to type on a detachable keyboard while in your lap is kind of cumbersome.

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