Microsoft Makes Windows 8 More Intuitive And Easy To Use For Disabled Users [Video]



Microsoft will be adding new features to its upcoming Windows 8 operating system for people with disabilities. In a detailed blog post Microsoft said that it will be adding features such as an updated version of Magnifier, helping people with low vision.


“Windows 8 is a product we design for an incredibly broad spectrum of people around the world,” wrote Microsoft Windows head Steven Sinofsky. “One of the areas where we have worked to deliver an even greater level of innovation is in ensuring that Windows 8, particularly the new Metro style experience, is accessible to everyone regardless of their physical abilities.”

Another big feature is the Narrator, which can read back the actions that are happening on screen, thus helping those with visual impairments with more languages and read more controls.



Within the post, Microsoft also mentioned that it will be enhancing the speech API and accessibility controls for the disabled using tablets and smartphones also making it much more fun for them to use.


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