LinkedIn Reveals Which Employers Top The Charts In Europe : Google And BBC Lead The Way

Two weeks ago, at Talent Connect in Las Vegas, LinkedIn announced LinkedIn’s Most InDemand Employers, a ranking of the world’s most sought-after employers. One of the great things about using LinkedIn data to rank employers is that can represent the tremendous diversity among the professional aspirations of the 175 million members. Software engineers want to work at different companies than finance professionals, and the French are interested in working at different employers than Brazilians.

Today at the Talent Connect Europe conference in London, the company has unveiled the Most InDemand Employers among members in the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.

Interesting insights arise when looking at trends between the three lists:

  • Nationality matters: More than half of the companies on each of the rankings are headquartered locally, although US companies occupy most of the top 5 in France. The Netherlands (Rabobank) and France (L’Oreal) rankings are topped by local companies, and BBC sits at number 2 in the UK
  • A consumer brand helps…sometimes: Consumer Brands like Unilever and LVMH are sought after in the UK and France, but financial services companies did very well in the Netherlands
  • Diversity across Europe: Only one company (Accenture) made all three lists, and only five companies made two of the three

Congratulations to LinkedIn’s Most InDemand Employers in Europe! To see these rankings along the global list of the Most InDemand Employers on LinkedIn, visit

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