Learn how a cell phone monitoring software assists you in your business

Watching someone run a successful business is always fun but everything is not as easy as it seems. Running a business is in itself an art. You need to know special tricks as to how to deal with your competitors and you need to know extra special tricks to deal with your street smart employees. Employees can’t be tackled that easily unless and until a strict monitoring of theirs is carried out. A cell phone monitoring software Phoggi helps employers keep a close eye on their employees at all times.

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How does Phoggi work?

Phoggi is a really useful cell phone monitoring software that takes very less space inside your employee’s cell phone and provides you with all their cell phone data. This software is totally undetectable and your employee does not even get to know about its presence inside their cell phone. No feature of your employee’s cell phone is disturbed during or after the installation of this app inside their phone.


Phoggi works great with Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones of the latest models. Android phones running on OS 2.1 or higher and iPhone models running on iOS 4.0 or higher are perfect cell phones to be used with Phoggi. Even BlackBerry models with OS 5.0 or above are great handsets to be used with this cell phone monitoring software. You simply need to connect to the internet and log-in to your personal Phoggi account with the help of your Log-in ID and password. Once you are done, you gain complete access to all the data that is present inside your employee’s cell phone.

Geo Tracking and contact details:

The Geo tracking feature of this cell phone monitoring software provides employers with the ability to trace the precise GPS location of their employees as and when they want to know about it. Employers even get to view details of every single contact number that is stored inside their employee’s cell phone.

An assistance:

It doesn’t really matter how much tricks you know in running a business because you still won’t be able to know how to tackle your employees. A cell phone monitoring software is the best support that you require to keep a strong hold on your employees and to make sure that they assist you in the smooth running of your business.

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