Klowd.com Launches New Social Presenter App : Be Stunned With Awesome Presentations


Klowd.com announced today the release of SlideKlowd™– an audience engagement app that allows a presenter to share content and interact with a live audience via their SmartPhone, tablet, laptop or other mobile devices.

At SlideKlowd’s core is a patent-pending technology for connecting a presenter to the audience’s mobile devices via a private “Klowd”. This connection allows a presenter to create real-time interaction, measure audience attention levels, request immediate audience responses and collect data. Unlike clickers, texting and other survey engagement tools, SlideKlowd creates an entire presentation experience – all managed by the presenter or venue.


Klowd.com addresses the heart of the presentation dilemma. In looking at the crowded presentation tool market,

Klowd.com decided to take a different approach. “There are some fantastic tools out there to help create great presentations, but they don’t address the core of the presentation issue, the skills and engagement capabilities of the presenter. ” says Ken Holsinger, Klowd.com’s Founder/CEO in an interview with TechnologyCafe.

“Our goal with SlideKlowd is simple: Create better presenters”, says Holsinger.

The Klowd.com team believes that the best way to create better presenters is to allow the audience to participate in the presentation. “Even boring content becomes more interesting if you get to participate,” says Holsinger. Presenters are often concerned that audience participation leads to a loss of control. SlideKlowd allows the presenter to determine the level of interaction by selecting when to add interaction to content, turning questions and comment features on or off and by managing what the audience sees on their devices.

“We had to choose between the presenter and the audience,” says Holsinger. “We choose to focus on the presenter”.

During their beta phase, Klowd.com conducted over 50 pilots with organizations across the enterprise, education and events markets. Some examples in each market include

  • Enterprise organizations are using SlideKlowd for internal training, executive presentations, focus groups, and sales presentations.
  • K-12 and Higher Education institutions are using SlideKlowd to conduct instant testing, measure student engagement and increase classroom collaboration.
  • Events such as trade shows and conferences are using SlideKlowd to gather audience feedback, monitor audience excitement levels, rate presenters and track attendance.

The audience viewer app is free and available in both the Apple and Android app stores. The presenter license price is a monthly subscription based on the number of presentations given per month.

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