How To Increase Email Marketing ROI


When it comes to achieving marketing goals and getting immediate response, the good old email remains one of the most effective means. As reported by the U.K. DMA in the National Email Client Report, 89% of marketers consider email “important” and “very important” to their companies.

What about ROI?

Following the data, the Econsultancy/Responsys Marketing Budgets 2013 Report showed that only 52% of marketers think they are “good” at measuring ROI. Even so, the average ROI across all businesses turned out to be £21.48 for each £1 spent on email campaigns. Is it worth all the fuss? It surely does.

Whatever ROI your email marketing strategy brought to you in 2012, it’s time to think big. Look through the following tactics tried by dotMailer experts to increase email marketing ROI in 2013.

Improve deliverability

No matter how good your content is and how irresistible your offers are, the subscriber will not be able to appreciate your generosity if your email doesn’t even reach their inbox. A recent report by Return Path found that one out of every five emails may not even reach the spam folder, not to mention the inbox.

To improve your deliverability, make sure your subscribers are satisfied with what they get, or they may report unwanted messages as spam in the blink of an eye. Provide simple unsubscribe options at the end of every email for the same reason.

Test before clicking “Send”

As reputable email industry expert Kath Pay cleverly noticed, “If it’s worth marketing, it’s worth testing”. You don’t want to spoil your customer’s shopping experience so make sure all the images are quick to load, links are working, content is visible without the necessity to scroll again and again. Ensure your call to action is impossible to miss on a range of devices.

Track the customer’s behaviour

It may be much easier to target your emails geographically or demographically but behavioural targeting is also worth trying. There are numerous ways to target behaviour-based emails. For instance, marketers track purchase and non-purchase behaviour that triggers automatic emails such as recommendations on cross-sell purchases and reminder messages. Using data from your ESP’s platform, you can target emails based on subscriber email behaviour.

Though measuring your email marketing ROI is essential, knowing it isn’t enough so use the tactics mentioned above to increase your return on investment in 2013. Email marketing offers plenty of options for doing just that.

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