How Huge Would All Of The World’s Data Be? [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered just how big all the date in the world would be, if translated into physical terms? It turns out that you now have an answer. According to the newest infographic chart just published by PC Wholesale, the answer is…huge! It seems that 10 trillion gigabytes of data are generated each and every year. In fact, Youtube alone receives a whopping eight whole years’ worth of video, uploaded to its servers each and every day.

According to a new survey just released by the University of California, all the servers in the world combined process an incredible amount of information per year. The combined total amounts to 9.57 Zettabytes of information. If you round up the figure, it comes to a 10, followed by 12 zeroes, for a figure that equals 10 trillion gigabytes.

Of course, the figure is overwhelming, so PC Wholesale’s graphic does the reader a valuable service by breaking it down into terms that the reader can quickly and easily understand. For example, a smartphone holds about 15 gigs of info, so it would take 600 billion smartphones to hold all 10 trillion gigabytes. Custom USB drives typically hold up to 8 gigs, so be prepared to order 1,250 billion of them to hold all the world’s data. Finally, a personal computer holds about 500 gigs, so this is your best bet if you want to store it all. You’ll only need 20 billion PC’s to get it all at one go.

The infographic goes on to note the relative weight of all these 10 billion gigabytes of info, in terms of physical objects such as aircraft carriers, Boeing airplanes, and Statues of Liberty.

Big Data

Infographic designed by Avalaunch Media, presented by PC Wholesale.

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