Groopic : The Ultimate App For Taking Group Pictures Without Missing The Photographer [Exclusive Interview]

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The holidays and the year 2012 are about to end today and millions would be taking pictures with friends and family. But have you ever noticed that the photographer who is taking the picture is never found in the pic? Yes either you have to send your dad, mom or friend to come back again in the group while you go take the second picture or ask someone else to take it for you.

So let me now tell you that your dad, mom or your best buddy will always be in the SAME PICTURE via a fabulous app called Groopic by Eyedeus labs. Developed by a bunch of Pakistani graduates from LUMS, this app solves an ancient problem of taking group photos.


Here is Team Eyedeus working at the Arfa Karim Technology Park,under the Plan9 incubator supported by the Punjab IT ministry.

To see how it works check out the video below:


The Technology Cafe sat down with the team (brains) behind this app in an Exclusive Interview. The CEO of the company Ali Rehan had the following to say:

TTC) Why Eyedues:

Ali) Eye means the human eye or vision and Deus means the Divinity. So Eyedeus combines the divinity of computer vision and optics.

TTC) Who is the team?

Ali) Ali Rehan, Murtaza Taj, Abdul Rehman Naeem, Faraz Hassan and Amir Zaheer

TTC) How did it all start?

Ali) In Feb 2012, the team won the Lahore Startup Weekend at LUMS where they showed a pre-mature app developed on the Android platform and then went on to make something remarkable

TTC) What does the company want to do in the future?

Ali) Eyedeus has over 20 man years of combined experience in the fields of computer vision. The company aims to use that to create mobile virtual shopping experiences and Natural Gaming Interfaces in the next year or so.

TTC) Who are the competitors?

Ali) No such app exists in the market which makes Groopic unique and a must have.

TTC) How much does Groopic cost?

Ali) At the moment nothing but the company will start charging around $2 per download from 15th of January 2013

The usage is real simple and easy. You just take two pictures of the group by switching photographers and Groopic will automatically combine these incomplete pictures into one.  Here is the Groopic taken with the Eyedeus team today.


This is the original image with Ali Rehan (CEO) and Me, taken by the app Groopic.

Image (1)

Now we took the 2nd picture with Abdul Rehman Naeem. Notice how Abdul stands on the left hand side.


Image (2)

This is the magic of the app, it stiches the two images above without you ever noticing two pics were taken and now all three of us Abdul, Me and Ali are in the pic. Now isn’t that neat!!!

For all of you, who are curious to try this app, head over to the Apple iTunes store now and enjoy the app. Don’t forget to leave us your comments…

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