Google Launches Arabic Language PC Tools To Help Reduce Arabizi Use

There is good news for users of Arabic language, as today Google is providing tools to help you not only input data using your computer in Arabic but making internet tools available in Arabic.  These efforts are not limited in providing a user interface in Arabic to a program, but also includes the provision of services and tools, programs and solutions platforms for user Arab to create and develop their own content.

Among the tools that help the user in the Arab writing the Arabic language and Arabic letters, writing instruments launched Google or IMEs Google Input Tools which allow users to enter text using English letters Arab, or what has become known as the “Arabizi.” 

Some users may not have a keyboard in Arabic or Atsabon of writing, so these tools facilitate the process and maintain the Content Arabic language, not the language of extraneous does not belong to our culture and identity .

These tools are currently available  for Windows and can be downloaded and installed from the site:

After installed, you can easily use it in any program, such as e-mail program Gmail and chat software or on social networks such as + Google and anywhere on the Internet, through the selection of AR bar languages ​​and began writing in Latin characters. For example, when you type mar7aba the tool to elevate “hello” or to write an “Arab” or you can write 3arabi arabi Valadah recognize numbers currently used in Arabizi. This tool is easy to use and also works without an Internet connection.

These tools include features such as choice of words many similar and complete words as you type, keyboard and customize Dictionary of words and complex non-existent and more other features which can be found in .

We believe that these tools contribute in the promotion of Arabic content and improving its quality and avoids the use of capital letters in another language for writing the Arabic language beautiful.

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