Google AdWords Now Meets AdMob : Mobile Advertising Gets Easier

Mobile advertising has become a core part of marketers’ and publishers’ digital strategies, helping to fuel business growth and great content. To make mobile ad buying seamless and accessible for more than a million AdWords advertisers, today Google is integrating their AdMob technology directly into our AdWords system. This enables advertisers to run effective campaigns across the more than 300,000 mobile applications running ads by AdMob—all from within the AdWords interface.


It also helps AdMob developers and publishers increase their revenue by giving them access to a large number of new advertisers. AdWords advertisers can now manage, measure and adjust search, display and video ads, reaching people on more than 2 million websites and hundreds of thousands of apps, across all screens.


By bringing the products and tools together, advertisers can work with Google to more effectively accomplish their marketing goals.  Earlier this week, Google has unveiled a newly unified digital ad platform that makes online marketing easier and more effective for large marketers and agencies using Doubleclick’s ad serving tools.  Similarly, with today’s announcement, AdMob mobile advertising becomes a seamless part of AdWords.AdWords advertisers’ will now have access to mobile app inventory from directly within the AdWords interface, giving them the ability to create and manage ad campaigns that run across more than 300,000 mobile apps in the AdMob network. 


Advertisers will be able to easily build, launch, and optimize their mobile campaigns across multiple platforms, and have full transparency about where their mobile ads run. AdMob’s network of apps gives advertisers true global reach with 23 countries each generating over one billion ad-requests last month, up from 11 countries in April 2011.


Starting today, a new campaign type is available in AdWords that makes it easy to launch an ad campaign to run on mobile apps on the AdMob network.  To start this new campaign type, advertisers can select “new campaign” from the Campaigns tab, and then “Display Network only (mobile apps)”. 


In addition to the ability to launch a mobile app campaign from within AdWords, advertisers can now reach individuals by targeting specific smartphone or tablet device models (e.g. Samsung Galaxy) or by targeting a particular manufacturer brand.  AdWords already enables targeting by operator, wifi, or operating system version.


Advertisers can also reach their desired audience by selecting from the categories available in the Google Play Store (e.g. ‘Games’) or App Store and search for individual apps (e.g. ‘Flood it’).  In the next several weeks, we’ll also provide an estimate on the number of devices reached and impressions targeted given your selections.



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