Flurry Introduces User Acquisition Analytics

This week, Flurry Analytics added User Acquisition Analytics to its collection of insightful analyses.  User Acquisition Analytics gives you the ability to measure and compare your user acquisition efforts at both the Campaign and Channel level. In turn, this allows you to adjust your efforts to focus on the channels that provide the best quality users for your app. User Acquisition Analytics can measure any campaign medium supporting custom URLs, including channel types such as ad networks, email campaigns, mobile-web sites and even QR codes.

You will find the new functionality in both the Applications tab, where it is focused on a single app, as well as on the Company tab where you can compare channels and campaigns across all the apps in your portfolio.    


On the Reporting page you will find information allowing for the review and comparison of the results of your Campaigns and Channels, whether historical or in-flight. Here you have the ability to:

  • Review the Clicks and Installs for each campaign/channel
  • Review both Custom Quality Metrics and Standard Quality Metrics to gauge performance of the campaign
  • Review charts showing performance over time for Clicks, Installs, Quality as well as Install Rate and Quality Rate.
  • Drill into a given campaign and see the conversion funnel for that campaign at an overall level and across time


Measuring Quality

Flurry User Acquisition Analytics allows you to measure the quality of the users acquired in the terms that matter specifically to a given app, as wells as across apps for comparison.

When setting up a campaign, you can choose to assign a Custom Quality Metric. For this metric, you can select either a User Conversion Funnel or a User Segment that has been previously defined in Flurry Analytics.  This means that you can leverage the full power of Flurry Analytics, including Custom Events in defining quality.     


In addition to the Custom Quality metric, Flurry User Acquisition Analytics automatically creates three Standard quality metrics that leverage the Lifecycle metrics within Flurry Analytics.  These metrics are:

  • Multi-Session Users – Any user that launched the app more than once is included in this metric.  This is useful for measuring how many of the users were “one and done” users.
  • 2-day Retention – Any user the launches the app on Day 2 or later – Requiring only a single day to show results, 2-day Retention provides a relatively quick read on the engagement of users
  • 7-day Retention – Any user the launches the app on Day 7 or later  – While it responds a bit more slowly due to the long period, 7-day Retention provides an excellent measure of engagement

Filtering Analytics by Channel/Campaign

In any page within Flurry Analytics where you can apply a Segment, you can now also apply a Campaign or Channel filter.  The header that used to read “All Segments” has been replaced one that reads “All Users”.  Clicking on that header reveals a menu allowing you to select from Segments, Campaigns and Channels. You can use this functionality to review metrics such as Lifecycle, Session Frequency or Event Occurrences for specific channels or campaigns.


Review Demographics of your Campaigns

Understanding the many attributes of the users acquired from different sources can aid in the optimization of user acquisition efforts. One great example of the power of User Acquisition Analytics within Flurry Analytics is the ability to review demographic data for Campaigns or Channels. Using the Campaign/Channel filtering mentioned above, you could, for example, see the Age or Gender of the users that were acquired via a given campaign. If you are focusing on different user attributes in a given campaign, you can use this information to judge the effectiveness and value of those optimization efforts.


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