Flud 2.0 – The iPhone and iPad app that makes News Reading and Content Discovery more Fun, Social and Intuitive [Video]


With over a million apps claiming to aggregate data from various news feed channels, you cannot possibly imagine which one is the best to use yet alone being intuitive and fun to use. In comes Flud which is a new kind of social news reader. For the first time ever, the things you read give you topical credibility among your friends and followers.
With real-time preview of what other people are reading, Flud makes news reading and content discovery more fun, social and intuitive. Launched in 2010, Flud has come out today with a better version of their 
iPad and iPhone app.

Here are some more new features:

  • Ability to follow users: Now, you don’t just get news straight from blogs and websites — discover content based on what your friends are reading.
  • Activity Feed: It’s a constantly updated stream of the articles and stories that you and your friends love.
  • Flud button: Endorse the most interesting content for your followers.
  • Social reading: When you open an article, you’ll see the other Fluders who viewed the same article.
  • Tumblr integration
  • Synching between devices: When you share a device, each person has their own Flud. Also, your Flud follows you as you move from one device to the next.

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    […] covered about the popular iPhone news reading app FLUD way back in December with its version 2.0 launch introducing many features […]

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