Find What You’re Looking For Faster In Gmail And Search

Join this field trial to preview upcoming features Google been working on, such as:

Enhanced flight tracking features

Get information and status updates for your upcoming flights. Search for [my flights] on and useful information will appear right in Search.

Receipts from your email

Search for [my purchases] to see your online purchases from select merchants and track if they’ve been shipped.

Emails relevant to your search

Find relevant Gmail messages and shared links. Search for [holiday party emails] to find emails regarding your party.

Files from Google Drive

Search for documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or your [Lake Tahoe docs].

Events you’ve booked

From concerts to the big game, search for [my events] to see events from Gmail.

Hotel reservations from Gmail

Confirm your stay by searching for [my hotel reservation].

Restaurant reservations in Search

Check your dining plans by searching for [my restaurant reservations].

Improvements to search in Gmail
As you type a search in Gmail you’ll instantly see relevant emails as well as results from Google Drive and more.

Results from Gmail and Google Drive when you search on
Your searches on may bring up relevant emails, files and more from Gmail and Google Drive.

A few things about this field trial

This trial is currently only accessible on in the U.S. in English for addresses (not available on Google Apps accounts). Due to limited capacity and initial setup, you will receive an email confirmation from Google when your account is ready (and possibly other update emails during the trial) but note that Google may not be able to activate the experiment for everyone.

You can come back to this page at any point to leave the trial.

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