Find Out Who IS Goggling You With The New BrandYourself Features

    Online monitoring and search improvement company BrandYourself is making it easier for anyone to improve the search results for their name (see screenshots below).

    1. Find out when specific companies Google you.

    Now when someone visits your BrandYourself profile, we can tell you how they found you, where they’re located, and literally where they work.

    You’ll need a profile to see which companies are finding you, so log in if you already have one or sign up for a free account. Then just hover your mouse over any visitor on your Dashboard to see their company, like this.

    2. Get smarter alerts when your search results change.

    With newly added smarter alerts (ie., if one of your links rises onto or falls off of your first page), show your most important alerts on top, give clearer calls to action so you know exactly what to do, and let you customize which alerts you get.

    Alerts to Stay Up to Date

    3. Easily share your accomplishments.

    This isn’t just a cool thing to share with your friends, it actually helps your results, so you’ll notice tools that make it easier for you to share your most important information.

    4. Other features we built that you asked for:

    • With the new support of all international characters, so you can improve the search results for your name if it has non-english letters.

    • You can now submit Flash websites as a URL, so you can track their rank and follow steps to make them more search engine friendly.

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    Samir Saleem

    An innovative and dynamic marketing expert having worked for both local and multinational organisations,having expertise in leading diverse assignments on devising digital/social media marketing strategies, promotions, public relations and business development. As an experienced social media strategist and business analyst, he manages several brands via his 2nd Startup Hybrid Signals ( Samir is an award winning technology and social media blogger and can be reached at

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