El-Sajjadah Is The Praying Matt For Muslims That Will Light Up While Facing Kaaba [Video]

The answer to Muslims for directions of prayers has been solved. EL Sajjadah is an illuminating prayer mat that lights up when facing Mecca.’EL’ stands for ‘Electro Luminescent’ and ‘Sajjadah’ means ‘Prayer Mat’. EL Sajjadah is thin and flexible. You can roll it and carry it around in its special case.

EL Sajjadah is not only a functional / practical product but also a unique art piece that you can hang on the wall as a night light. 


There are 1,6 billion Muslims around the world and ‘prayer’ is one of the prominent pillars of Islam. A prayer mat is the only product required during the 5-times-a-day prayers. Its main function is to provide a clean and isolated platform for the prayer. With the unique patterns on its surface, it also aims to bring the atmosphere of a mosque wherever it’s taken.

Muslims need to pray towards Mecca where Holy Kaaba is located. Current practice is that an analogue compass is used to find this direction if it is not already indicated by a mosque or a local sign.


EL Sajjadah shows the right direction to pray by lighting up the patterns on its surface when facing Mecca, so that the interface becomes the prayer mat surface itself. Two pieces of information are required in order to do this:

  • where north is, which is provided by a built-in digital compass,
  • where we are in the world, which is manually input by the user via the ‘city selection button’.

EL Sajjadah operates on:

  • mains power,
  • or rechargeable batteries.

Art & Design

The patterns on a prayer mat tell you the story of life. The Snake represents Hell which surrounds Heaven with a rectangle border. There is a Mosque at the heart of the Heaven. Mihrab is the arch that you would see at every mosque and so is the Light of God (Allah), suspended from the ceiling. Hand and Foot patterns indicate where to place hands and feet.

Green is the holy color of Islam. Black is the color of Kaaba.

‘Vector line art’ has been implemented to achieve a contemporary approach to the patterns on a traditional prayer mat. The Mosque pattern for instance, was drawn pixel by pixel by looking at a small scale model of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.


So far, without any marketing effort, EL Sajjadah attracted the attention of many online blogs including The New York TimesEngadgetGizmodoHuffington Post,Core77; and printed press including The IndependentI.D. MagazineArt Review. Eventually, it was the cover story for T3 Magazine with a four page exclusive preview.

It has been exhibited in many countries including the UK, the USA, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Kuwait, Japan and South Korea.

Early prototypes have been purchased by prestigious museums and galleries around the world, MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts, New York) being the most recent one, including EL Sajjadah in their ‘Talk to me’ exhibition. They have eventually acquired it for their permanent collection.

Checkout the video below

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