Effect of Digital Media on 2012 America’s Presidential Elections

The most successful and outrageous campaign of President Obama in the year 2008 proved that the world expects all the politicians to be active on social media. As it is a new platform for interactive and better communication.

Seems like everyone learned a valuable lesson and by looking at the statistics the 2012 campaign strategies should be ready by now. The game has changed so there are certain things that should be kept in mind while executing social media strategy:

· Even people aged above 55 expect their leaders to have social media presence. All the inactive leaders you better are active by now.

· 88% of the registered voters in America are easily accessible by contacting them on their mobile phones.

· People rely on information provided by the social media more rather than using the conventional methods.

· Republicans remember that your major chunks of voters are active on Facebook.

· Don’t forget conventional social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.



Check out the survey results of a research conducted by Digitas. The results clearly depicts the importance of social media for the upcoming elections.

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