“Droid Does” Videos – Motorola Taking a Full Swing at the iPhone…

The mobile wars are on now, Motorola a fair contender in the mobile arena has launched its own advertising campaign dubbed as “"Droid Does”; against the iPhone and is in full swing.


The New Motorola Droid, it’s the first Android-based smartphone that will be sold exclusively by Verizon Wireless.  The punches Apple in face for its propriety and no open system and thus also making a good point of supporting open technologies such ad the Android Platform. I can’t wait for November…

So without further ado..




We also found a video of loyal iPhone users making a mockery of the Droid Does campaign. Those videos are below…

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Samir Saleem

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51 Responses

  1. KBW says:

    How lame. The iPhone users’ mock add says “iDon’t buy brands who bash other brands” then it’s followed immediately by a clip from an Apple ad bashing PCs. Maybe with this competition from Verizon, Apple will wake up and address all the problems listed in Verizon’s ad. I think Apple intentionally made iPhones with those ‘flaws’ so they can ‘fix’ them later and sell more phones to people who have to upgrade their iPhones if they want the particular feature that has been ‘fixed’.

    • sam says:

      yes KBW you could be right, running a business is a tough ask, Apple might be looking for “Upgrades” as business model .
      And yes i am definite that apple will come up with something to show the droid, apple didnt leave the PC so why would it not try to humiliate droid.

      The only problem is also that Verizon has 87 million users in the US alone and if right targeting is done, verizon and motorola can have the biggest chunk in the smartphone market and thats what apple is scared about or i believe is supposed to be.
      Time will telll soon!!!

    • Boro says:

      You mean – like Microsoft has been doing the same thing with Windows?

      • sam says:

        Yup contextually but The Windows platform is now opening up a little bit since 2 years ago they open Sourced their .Net Platform and now their development modules (although) some libraries the only thing that they retain is the ownership of use that’s the only bug that critiques the open source community.

        and yes Microsoft does suck at its open source model…

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