Clipix Launches QR Code Generator

While continuing to stay true to our core value of improving upon the user experience, Clipix, the social and mobile bookmarking service has launched Clipix QR Code Generator.

QR Codes have been in the market for awhile, and we feel that the use of them was not very popular by the consumer, because there was never a good and efficient way to organize them for later use. The Clipix QR Code Generator enables anyone and everyone to generate their own custom QR Code whether it be a link to a business’s website, video, even PDF files. Professionals ranging from individual bloggers to large corporations can easily use the Clipix QR Code Generator to present their promotional material.  Instead of scanning a useless QR code with no destination, Clipix provides a platform to save everything you see and easily get back to in an organized fashion.

Currently QR Codes will re-direct consumers to a desired link without a convenient way to save or reference the content later. If you’re an organizational maven like we are, then you know that we had to put a stop to this. With the Clipix QR Code Generator, consumers will not only scan your materials but they will have an organized platform to reference your business or anything you are trying to promote, at any time. Consumers are more likely to return to promotional material if there is a convenient and organized way to find it, in order to come back to it.

Where you place the custom QR Code when promoting your material, is up to you. Whether it is on an advertising poster, real-estate “for sale” sign or on a plaque at your booth during a convention.

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Samir Saleem

An innovative and dynamic marketing expert having worked for both local and multinational organisations,having expertise in leading diverse assignments on devising digital/social media marketing strategies, promotions, public relations and business development. As an experienced social media strategist and business analyst, he manages several brands via his 2nd Startup Hybrid Signals ( Samir is an award winning technology and social media blogger and can be reached at

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