Checkout The C-1 The Stunning Futuristic Car Like Scooter From Lit Motors [ Mind Blowing Pictures + Video]


The worlds transportation system is currently undergoing an intellectual evolution, adding diversity to the global ecology of vehicle architecture. Akin to Darwin’s finches – where each island’s resource constraints dictated the evolution of multiple species – a new trend is emerging in the evolution of alternative transportation. Our resource constraints: traffic congestion, limited parking, air pollution, and urban sprawl.

Our mutations: fewer wheels, lighter weight, electric motors, and a more compact vehicle architecture. A vehicle must pass through a bottleneck to assure widespread adoption; it must possess the three essential qualities of safety, price, and utility. A loss of any of the three – a vehicle that is unsafe, unaffordable, or useless – renders a vehicle unusable. There is currently no option for a light, compact, safe, affordable, electric vehicle. Given these factors, what design permutation could exist in this space?

Now a company called Lit Motors Based in San Francisco, California, is designing and developing innovative and environmentally-conscious transportation solutions for our growing world. Their mission is to provide efficient, economical, and ecological transportation solutions to the informed and interconnected global community.

Their latest project is called the C-1 which is a combined hybrid of the features of a car with the dynamics of a bike. It combines the security of air bags, protection of a steering wheel and aerodynamics of the speed of a motorbike. Checkout the video below:


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