Atari And Microsoft IE Team Bring Retro Classic Games Back To Life Via HTML 5 [Video]

Before casual games like “Bejeweled” and “Text Twist” came along, there were Atari classics such as “Pong,” “Combat,” “Centipede” and “Asteroids.” Many Gen Xers spent Saturday afternoons at the arcade blowing their week’s allowance on the latest game, all for the thrill of seeing their initials on the top score list.

The Atari Arcade brings more “experienced” Gen Xers a chance to relive those Saturday afternoons, without blowing their monthly mortgage payment or grocery budget. And Millennials can discover the joys of old-school gaming firsthand, while using the touch-first browsing capabilities that are part of Internet Explorer 10. Whether using a Windows 8 touch device or mouse and keyboard, Atari Arcade could redefine the casual gaming experience.

Today, Microsoft and Atari are making the Atari and Nintendo generation a bit happy as they are announcing eight Atari classics are available for play on Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10, with more scheduled for release in the next few months.

The 8 games include Pong, Asteroids,Missile Command, and Centipede – all built with HTML5 and multi-player capabilities that come to life with a new Windows 8 touch device and Internet Explorer 10. It also works great in IE9 on a Windows 7 PC, or any other modern browser.

Just like the upcoming IE10 release with Windows 8 – the Atari Arcade is perfect for touch. Imagine retro games on the Surface tablet

Games like Asteroids show what’s possible when a classic space-shooter is combined with advanced touch-first browsing capabilities of a browser like IE10. Your left thumb commands your spaceship. Your right thumb powers your acceleration while you blast asteroids. Warning: It’s more than a little addictive. Gaming with IE10 on a Windows 8 touch device offers the edge-to-edge gameplay that feels more like an app than a browser.


Multi-touch gameplay in Asteroids in IE10 (left) and the original Asteroids (right)

Missile Command offers a different approach to touch-first gaming. As missiles reign down upon your city, your finger aims the cannons while you rapidly mash the screen. It’s quite a bit more difficult if you’re using a mouse. Hint: Alternate between fingers and aim slightly in front of the missiles for higher success.


Rapid-touch gameplay in Asteroids in IE10 (left) and the original Asteroids (right)

Challenge Your Friends:

With that Microsoft has brought social networking into the 40 year od games with a component of arcade gaming they did not want to lose was the fun of challenging your friends. With Atari Arcade, you can compete with your friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter to real time, multi-player battles, earn game achievements, and compete for the high score just like in an arcade.


“Forty years ago gaming required a dedicated console, but today the web is an incredibly rich platform that has the power to drive games and bring entirely new methods of interaction with games, like touch, that were not possible in a browser just a few short years ago,” explained Nolan Bushnell, Founder, Atari. “What is exciting about gaming on the web is the reach it offers. It is not a potential audience of thousands, or millions, but billions of people that can access and enjoy gaming online!”


For developers, the team has created an opportunity to build your own games for the Atari Arcade platform. An Atari software development kit is available in the developer behind the scenes section of the site, along with new and updated versions of JavaScript libraries (Create.js, Easel.js, Sound.js) and new tutorials for building HTML5 games. All code is available on our IE GitHub repo here.

Wow. Seriously Microsoft and Atari rock.

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