Alicanto Makes Overall Marketing For Small Businesses A Breeze [Review]


Marketing is an integral part of running a successful business, but most small businesses simply cannot afford their own Chief Marketing Officers. With Alicanto, they don’t have to. The startup is giving marketing tools to such small businesses at their disposal that will best help them. It’s like a virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for your clients, one who provides marketing guidance and ensures that your customers are well cared for and informed about what’s going on with your business.

Alicanto, is a freemium online service that delivers the world’s first virtual CMO for small businesses, launched its public beta at TechCrunch Disrupt 2012 conference in San Francisco. Its powerful cloud-based platform provides highly tailored marketing and sales plans, along with automated execution across email, social media, SEO optimization, printed materials, advertising, direct mail, sales promotions and more.

While it is fast and simple to use, Alicanto is powered by a sophisticated artificial intelligence and analytics engine that accesses a high volume of information across numerous data sources that more costly marketing consultants can’t easily access and analyze as quickly. For instance, it checks best practices across an industry, competitor promotions and social media feeds, and marketing opportunities based on factors such as seasonality, weather, and local events to provide a highly specialized plan. It learns more about each small business over time and provides free daily updates and advice and then automates free and low-cost marketing executions such as email, social media, text and direct mail campaigns.

Alicanto offers collective features and intelligence not available anywhere else. Its one-stop marketing tool provides three key business success factors for small business. The new Alicanto service 1.) Attracts new customers; 2.) Increases average spends per customer; and 3.) Drives customer loyalty and repeat business.

One innovative and popular feature of the new Alicanto service is the ability for small business owners to quickly and easily create alliances with each other anywhere for any duration. Alliances by Alicanto lets small and locally owned businesses work together to compete with the “big guys” (national chains). By joining forces and marketing together, they can reach more customers and drive more traffic to their street or shopping mall, for example, or create other types of group promotion alliances that help secure new and repeat customers and maximize revenues. Alliance partner customer lists are typically kept separate, but the marketing power in Alliances by Alicanto lies in the ability to entice each alliance partner’s customers via group promotions and help each other to flourish and grow.

Along with powerful artificial business intelligence and bolstered by human marketing expertise, Alicanto provides a mix of free and paid marketing services for small business clients that include:

  • Strategic guidance and recommended marketing executions for Alicanto to handle via daily feeds
  • Customized insights and automated creative to more effectively engage with customers
  • The ability to create or join local alliances to co-promote events and special offers
  • Free and automated email and social media campaigns and alliance marketing programs
  • Affordable direct mail and text campaigns, including marketing creative and distribution costs

Alicanto is now offering a free public beta of its online service for small businesses in the U.S. Registration is free. Requesting an invitation for the beta takes less than a minute. Following service activation, Alicanto will ask some simple questions that will take about three minutes to answer. It then begins its work as a virtual CMO for small business owners so they never have to market alone again.

With Alicanto, you can do so much more. You can also send out holiday promotions, keep your Facebook and Twitter feeds up-to-date and relevant to your cause and maintain other social media campaigns. And you can work together with other businesses in your area to foster relationships that will help both of you increase traffic to your businesses through our Alliance program. With all these tools at your disposal, you’ll have an arsenal to win the fight for marketing success!

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